Our Expertise

A Partner You Can Trust

With over 40 years in business, Contor has a proven track record working with all types of structures, from 10’ shipping containers to 71’ x 15’ fabricated buildings. We’ve built up an extensive list of world-class partners, many of whom have relied on Contor for custom solutions again and again.

Many of our employees have been with Contor for over 20 years, and helped us a build a culture based on quality, safety and lean, continuous improvement. We are a proud Canadian company, offering installations all across the country. We use Canadian steel, industry-leading materials/supplies, the latest 3D CAD modeling packages and our own high-quality exterior paint—all while providing an unrivaled attention to detail and craftsmanship.

Fully Welded Construction

The building supplied will utilize fully welded construction. This means no external screws or fasteners, no potential for weather or water ingress, and a stronger, more robust structure.

All wall penetrations are fit with welded in couplings to ensure that even exterior mounted equipment will not create a failure point for weather and water.

All of our panels and structural sheet steel components are formed in house with our 242 ton, 12’-0” brake press. We have capacity of up to 1/2” material.

All seams between panels are fully seam welded by CWB certified welders using a track welder. This means that all seams will be straight, uniform, and aesthetically pleasing in addition to being structurally tight and sound.

Two-Part Polyurea Coating

Supplied buildings are coated with 8511 two-part polyurea coatings for extra durability and extended lifespans in even the toughest environments. This high performance coating has excellent thermal properties and cures to a tough, chemically resistant finish.

The polyurea coating is then top coated with an aliphatic polyurethane paint, providing an extra layer of protection for the steel below. This top coat is UV stable and will prevent and reduce discolouration due to sunlight exposure.

For buildings that require the toughest protection available in the most demanding climates and sites, this process will protect your investment for years to come.

Textured finish provides a uniform look across the surface of the building, while maintaining an easy to clean, and easy to touch up finish, each building is provided with aliphatic touch up paint in the event of scratching or scraping removes the top coat. The underlying polyurea coating will remain unaffected by any touch up required.

We offer this unique service completely done in-house, in our Ministry of the Environment certified paint booth. We can service buildings as long as 60’-0” and as wide as 18’-0”.

In-house Electrical Install

Contor’s team of experienced electrical technicians is capable of wiring and installing all electrical services and free issued equipment pertaining to the construction of its fully welded, pre-fabricated buildings. Contor’s electrical team consisting of engineers, technicians, and quality management personnel take great pride in their work, and knowledge of the Canadian electrical code. All equipment installed at Contor’s facility is verified by third party ESA inspection before ever leaving the premises.

Throughout the many years Contor has been in business there has never been a project too big or too complicated for our staff to design, create and complete.

Our robust designs and construction techniques allow us to produce results that feature low maintenance and lifecycle costs, giving our customers peace of mind over the long run. But we believe it’s our approach to every project that brings our customers back. We’re truly committed to working with you, at every stage of the process, so that your ideal outcome is exactly what we produce.

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